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Rooted Community Education Group

is the brainchild of Green Passion Industries and RX MaryJade

This partnership is based on the foundation of Community.

We aim to provide patient education and resources for low to no cost.

Vocational Cannabis Training is also available online and in person.

Friends Carl Burwell & Jonathan Rojas formed Green Passion Industries in 2017 with one mission in mind, Break the Stigma of Cannabis. They formed a pact to always educate and advocate for the need of safe, reliable access to Cannabis for all patients and consumers. We understand the importance of the patients knowing what they are consuming and just this alternative is going to help them. Our passion is with the people! Carl & John operate a premier hemp boutique in Millburn, NJ called Garden State Hemp

Jade Sancho-Duser is a former NJMMP dispensary employee, medical marijuana patient, and licensed wellness professional of 15 years who now operates a plant medicine inspired self-development brand, RxMaryJade. She believes we can all heal ourselves naturally if we pay attention to our Mind, Body, and Bills. Her goal is to empower the cannabis community particularly the underserved and disenfranchised. Her educational experiences spread knowledge to patients as well as nurture and cultivate entrepreneurial environments for those to support themselves. She has a strong focus on mental health awareness as well as community building experiences.

Classes &

Hands On Training

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Who We Are
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